Teadus ja CBD

Science and CBD

Did you know that Cannabis sativa, the industrial cannabis strain used in our teas, has been scientifically studied since 1960? In this blog post, we will summarise the results of nearly 50 clinical trials that have been conducted since 1980, encouraging you to make trust-based choices regarding your health. I guarantee that after reading this … Continued

CBD ja menopaus

Relieve menopause symptoms with a cup of tea

Life is a journey. It passes through many way stations that take you to new and unknown trails. Menopause is also an important way station in women’s lives, after which we move onto new paths.   It is the time when ovulation and menstruation stop and the body begins transitioning to a new period of … Continued

CBD kanepitee CBD konsentratsioon

The magic of CBD products – less is more

Did you know that hemp contains more than 400 active ingredients, and most of them support one another, meaning the effect of one cannot function without the other? However, the higher the percentage of CBD in a product, the lower the proportion of other cannabinoids.   CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in every hemp plant … Continued

Mai Maser CBD kanepitee

Herbal tea for drinking and treatment

The article was published in the May issue of Kodutohter magazine. Even if only half of what is promised in relation to these legendary miracle teas is true, then they have considerable effects. Let’s take a closer look at CBD hemp tea, fermented rosebay willowherb tea and chaga tea. MAI MASER, NUTRITION RESEARCHER   From … Continued

CBD leevendab PMS-i

The magic, pain and CBD hemp tea of being a woman

Being a woman is both wonderful and equally challenging. Monthly periods can cause mild or severe PMS in about 1/3 of women of childbearing age (1). Perhaps you too have noticed that emotions are more intense this time of the month – and that includes irritability or depression. It’s worth knowing that these emotions are … Continued


Flavor journeys on hemp roads

We would like to share with you the story of how we came up with different flavor combinations in hemp tea, since there are hundreds of different flavors to choose from. The idea to add flavors to hemp tea came from the fact that many people do not like the pure flavor of hemp tea, … Continued

kanep vs kanep

What is CBD? The difference between hemp and cannabis.

As two sides of the same coin, hemp and cannabis are two different plants that are often confused due to their similarities. Discover the differences that have led these two plants down two very different paths in this article. Hemp and cannabis belong to the same family – Cannabis Sativa – however, throughout history hemp has been used as an … Continued