Eesti kanepipõld

I want to tell you a story!

I would like to say that this is not just an ordinary tea story, but more like a story about a journey.

If you ask what is the final destination of this journey, then it is your journey to figure it out. Let’s go! Take a moment and join us. Find that moment and jump our way. I promise that at the end of this story you will make yourself one cup of this wonderful tea.

Our story started a long time ago. In 2003, a field of technical cannabis was cultivated again in Põlva County, Estonia. The founder of the field was Kalju Paalman, the father of Peeter Paalman, an employee of our CBD-tea  family. This culture, more than ten thousand years old, offered excitement to farmers for many generations.

Eesti kanepipõld

State-of-the-art research methods have found that it is a very comprehensive plant in terms of its properties and uses, which provides a variety of vitamins and fatty acids, enriching our menu. In 2017, the production of hemp seed oil and hemp seed meal began. Again, these products opened our eyes to the world of cannabinoids in all cannabis cultures.

Our company specializes in the use of cannabis named Finola, from which our CBD-tea has been developed. Tea has been brewed for thousands of years from medicinal plants, so why not boil it from the leaves of industrial hemp ?! We thought to give it a try, because so far the leaves were just a residual product that was spread back into the field for fertilizer. The result was a good tasting experience.

We began researching how Finola could be grown with higher levels of cannabinoids (CBD) to take better advantage of this exquisite plant. By checking the nutrients, the growing method and experimenting, we finally got a CBD-tea plant that met our needs.

Eesti kanepipõld

As a result of a brainstorm, we came to an idea with different added tastes could be made. The trial period was probably one of the most stress-free periods in our team’s lives, as CBD is known to have a relaxing and anti-stress effect. Taking another toast, we all said, “Relaxation!”

This is the story of the birth of our brand and Relaxationland OÜ!

Have a nice journey!