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Channel 2 Õhtu show!

We went to the Kanal 2 program Õhtu! talking about our logo patent dispute with the US coffee giant Starbucks. Our goal in sharing this story was to give courage to other small business owners who may find themselves in a similar situation where it seems that the opponent seems to be from another league. The patent commissioner also gives his comment.

Listen to our story and what happened in the end, right from the show!

/Channel 2 Õhtu! 24.01.2022/

Tairi Kaarna

Tairi Kaarna about our CBD hemp teas

Watch Tair’s humorous and informative video here: What is the CBD hemp pathway and the endocannabinoid system?

Kelly Uuk Maaelus Relaxationland

Cannabis tea producer: “I should be addicted to it long ago”

In August, Relaxationland OÜ started making tea from hemp leaves in Põlvamaa, and to date 1,700 packs of tea have been sold.

/Postimees Maa-Elu 03.12.2022/